Man Women Relationships in Lady Chatterley's Lover

Man-Woman Relationship in D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Dr. Khan Shaista Talat
Head, Department of English
Ismail Yusuf College, Jogeshwari, Mumbai.

A complete study of the novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover depicts Lawrence’s views on complete freedom of expression on all human experiences and relationships particularly in sexual matters. In the novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Lawrence argues about individual regeneration which can be found only through relationship between man and woman. Love and personal relationships are the threads that bind this novel together. Lawrence explores a wide range of different types of relationships, the void in the relationship between Clifford Chatterley and his wife Constance Chatterley which is due to the sexual frustration of Lady Chatterley. She realises that she cannot live with mind alone, she must also be alive physically. The novel depicts a series of relationships, the brutal relationship between Mellors and his wife Bertha, the Perverse, maternal relationship that develops between Clifford and Mrs Botton, his caring nurse and finally the relationship between Mellors and Lady Chatterley that builds very slowly and is based upon tenderness, physical passion and mutual respect.
Lady Chatterley’s Lover is, undoubtedly, one of the most famous of Lawrence’s books. It is a simple and perfect affirmation of life according to Lawrentian principles. The main subject of the novel is not just the evident sensual content but it is the search for integrity and wholeness. It focuses on the incoherence of living a life that is ‘all mind’, which Lawrence saw as particularly true among the members of the aristocratic classes. The contrast between mind and body can be seen in the dissatisfaction each has with their previous relationships. Constance’s lack of intimacy with her husband who is ‘all mind’ and Mellor’s choice to live apart from his wife because of her ‘brutish’ sexual nature.
Besides, the evident sexual...