The Books for English Major Students


  Charles Darwin (by Carla Greene) 查尔斯*达尔文
  John F. Kennedy (by Charles P. Graves) 约翰*肯尼迪
  King Arthur and His Knights (by William Kottmeyer) 亚瑟王和他的骑士
  One Million Pound (by Mark Twain) 百万英镑
  Robin Hood (adapted by Michael West) 罗宾汉
  Rip Van Winkle (adapted by Michael West)  里普*范*温格尔
  Stories from the Sands of Africa (adapted by Michael West) 非洲沙漠的故事
  Tales from the Arabian Nights (adapted by Michael West) 天方夜谭
  The Canterbury Tales (adapted by Michael West) 坎特伯雷故事集
  The House of a Thousand Lanterns (by Victoria Holt) 千灯府
  The Legends of Ancient Rome 古罗马的传说
  The Mystery of the Island (by Jules Verne) 神秘的海岛
  The Seventh Key 第七把钥匙
  Three Men on the Bummel (by K. Jerome) 三人出游记
  Tom Jones (by Henry Fielding) 汤姆?琼斯
  Airport (by Arthur Hailey) 航空港
  Around the World in Eighty Days (by Jules Verne) 环绕世界八十天
  A Separate Peace (by John Knowles) 独自和解
  Daisy Miller (by H. James) 黛丝*密勒
  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (by R. L. Stevenson) 化身博士
  Flowers for Mrs. Harris (by Paul Gallico) 献给哈里斯夫人的鲜花
  Frankenstein (by Mary Shelly) 弗兰肯斯特
  Hatter’s Castle (by A. J. Cronin) 帽商的城堡
  Little Tom (by B. Bell & D. Bell) 小汤姆
  Lucky Jim (by Kingsley Amis) 幸运的吉姆
  The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland (by Lewis Carrol) 艾丽斯漫游记
  The Black Tulip (by Alexandre Dumas) 黑郁金香
  The Life of Abraham Lincoln (by Stegan Lorant) 林肯传
  The Mill on the Floss (by George Eliot) 弗洛斯河上的磨坊
  The Prince and the Pauper (by Mark Twain) 王子和贫儿
  The Red Badge of Courage (by Stephen Crane) 红色英勇勋章
  The Scapegoat (by Daphne Du Maurier) 替罪羊
  The Sign of Indra 印达拉神像
  Thirty-nine Steps (by John Buchan) 三十九级台阶
  Three Men in a Boat (by J. K. Jerome) 三人同舟
  Tom Brown’s Schooldays (by Thomas Hughes) 汤姆*布朗的求学时代
  Witch (by George Mackay Brown) 女巫

  Aesop’s Fables 伊索寓言
  Anderson’s Fairy Tales 安徒生通话选
  Compell’s Kingdom (by Hammond Innes) 坎伯尔王国
  Frontiers of Science 科学的新领域
  Grimm’s Fairy Tales 格林通话选