Feminist Identity in Margret Atwoods Surfacing

FEMINIST IDENTITY IN MARGARET ATWOOD’S                                
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Ms. Geetanjali                                                 Harpreet sidhu
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Margaret Atwood is amongst the few women authors who enjoy immense popularity and eminence in the Commonwealth World . She has contributed significantly in the field of literature and is recognized, both at home and abroad , as the author of great accomplishments. She is amongst the selected few woman of letters who have , at the same time been poet , critic , nature – lover, fiction writer, autobiographer , and a true woman. Certainly one of the most talked about Canadian writers,   Margaret Atwood has been referred to as the “female star of Canada’s literary elite”, “a prophet in her own country”, “the undisputed queen of Canadians letters   and a cult heroine”(wikipedia). There has been a mythology built up around Atwood : everyone is fascinated by this woman who calls herself a literary freak   and refers to her work as rather quirky and eccentric.
Surfacing is Atwood’s best book to date and perhaps an enduring achievement . The portrait in depth of the main character , the thick texture of the narrative and the richness of the setting are so fully realized that the novelty is likely to last beyond the topicality of its themes. Its themes are such that the book would be a Canadian...