Malcolm X: the Great Escape

Cleon Williams                                                                                                                              
Professor Johnson
English 1102
19 September 2012
                                      Malcolm X: The Great Escape
    It was amazing to me that Malcolm started out just another uneducated African-American in prison, and became a well-known human rights activist. (Malcolm X) “Without education, you’re not going anywhere in this world” Malcolm X’s, Prison Studies states, “I knew right there in prison that reading had changed the course of my life.”(pg.85) Malcolm was trying to illustrate that though he was physically incarcerated, he was finally psychologically free of the mental barriers of ignorance. Malcolm realized that he could now succeed in life, and developed a tenacious appetite for knowledge. Armed with this new knowledge Malcolm escaped his old mind-set.  
    Malcolm admits in his essay that he had only an eighth grade education, however it was thought that he had acquired a more formal education based on his considerable amount of   knowledge. Malcolm while in prison realized the importance of achieving higher learning through books, and that it would enable him to communicate more effectively. Malcolm while he was incarcerated in the Charlestown Prison was envious of a former inmate, Bimbi, due to his stockt of knowledge.   Malcolm felt inferior to Bimbi because he was able to take charge in any conversation. Malcolm wanted to converse better, so after being transferred to the Norfolk Prison Colony, he then began going through (Malcolm X) “book-reading motions.”   However in the beginning he was not able to articulate certain words and his penmanship needed to be improved.
He then started studying the dictionary and copying down words. This allowed Malcolm the...