Great Expectations

Great Expectations
By Charles Dickens, Published by the Penguin Group
At Clays Ltd, St Ives plc, Great Britain, 443 Pages

Submitted by:
Crisol, Jessmaree C.

The novel starts at Christmas days, when Pip accidentally meets a convict hiding in the graveyard behind the church. The convict asks Pip to steal foods from his sister and a file to Joe. When Pip told this to Joe, Joe was shocked at Pip’s previous behaviour. Pip was invited by Mr. Pumblechook to play with the daughter of a rich lady at High Street. The wealthy lady’s name was Ms. Havisham and her daughter was Estella. Pip was treated badly by Estella; he was scorned and mocked by her, but even though Estella did this to him, he fell in love with this snobbish girl. And so for Pip to get the attention of Estella he wants to be a gentleman. He learned some things with Biddy, his friend, Joe cannot teach him how to be a gentleman because even Joe does not know how to write and read. There were times that Pip got angry with Joe for not raising him a gentleman. But little Pip’s great misery comes when Estella goes abroad to study. Pip also thinks of his sister’s health, because a certain person knocked down his sister from the back that causes her head and spinal to be damaged. His sister which is Ms. Gargery became ill, he described his sister like this: “Her sight was disturbed, so that she saw objects multiplied, and grasped at visionary teacups and wine-glasses instead of realities; her hearing was greatly impaired; her memory also; and her speech was unintelligible.”(Page 114 Chapter Sixteen), and as Pip begins to feel comfortable with him being a Blacksmith, a fortune fell in as a lawyer named Mr. Jaggers came and give Pip a handsome amount of money and fulfil his dream to become a gentleman, his benefactor was unknown and will be reveal for some time, but as he accept this fortune he have to leave his Sister and Joe as well as Biddy. He was excited for this, to...