10 Mary Street

1.The context is both physical and psychological. What did the address of 10 Mary Street provide for the family that resided there? Physically, the address 10 Mary street provides the Skyzynecki family with a house to live in, it provides them with a shelter and a place in which they can spend time in each others company. Psychologically 10 Mary street provides comfort and support, it is a place where the family can be themselves and celebrate their culture away from the prying eyes of Australia society. The similes “like a well-oiled lock” is one example of the security that the house provides.
What are the connotations of the description of the bridge as “still too narrow”? What does it suggest about the family's sense of belonging in the community? The line “still too narrow” is a representation of the narrow mindedness of Australians towards immigrant families. This type of symbolism shows the migrants discomfort and suggests that they do not feel welcome in Australia. 3. What do the words “polite hum-drum” suggest about the parents' attitude to their jobs? “Polite hum-drum” is something that expresses the tedious repetition of work that the migrants experience in day to day life. It displays the the parents negative attitude towards their jobs. How does their attitude to their garden contrast this? The Skrzynecki parents have a very positive attitude towards their garden, they are so fond of it that they care for the flowers and plants like “adopted children”. The“plants- grew potatoes and rows of sweet corn: tended roses and camellias” suggest a positive environment, a sanctuary in which the family can create something out of Australian soil and feel closer to the land in which they are living.
How does the boy's attitude to the garden contrast with this parents'? The poet has a great lack of awareness when it comes to the importance of the garden. Unlike his parents Skrzynecki treats the garden with little respect, this is shown when he writes...