Make and Recieve Telephone Calls

2.1: Describe how to identify callers and their needs.

The easiest way to identify a caller and their needs is to ask them. Consider starting by telling them your name and then asking them their name. Then, ask them the purpose of their call. The employee should maintain a helpful attitude and positive/friendly tone for the duration of the call.
An individual could start by asking opening questions, use their active listening skills without ibnterupting the caller. Pertinent questions can also be asked to help find out what the caller already knows.
Within Bridgman IBC, we have a telephone procedure in place so whenever myself or/and colleagues make or receive calls, we gather this information from customers before we continue with the call. This makes it easier when transferring the call or if you have to ask for assistance. It is important to clarify all details at the end of the call to ensure you have their details correct.

2.2: Explain the purpose of giving accurate and up to date information.

Giving in accurate information to callers means when someone calls a company they have done so with the anticipation of getting their question/query promptly and professionally. Having up to date information available in a clear and concise manner will confirm in the callers mind they made a good buying decision or are about to. For example, if a customer called into the office for a price on a liner and I gave them a price based on last years/incorrect prices when they received/picked up the liner and were asked to pay more that I had previously said they would have a poor impression of the company and may not be able to afford or have budgeted for the new higher price for the liner.