Machine for Sand to Replace Natural Sand Has Become a Trend

River sand is called soft stone. In recently years, with the development of the construction industry, natural river sand is nearly exhausted, although a variety of policies to protect the resources have been introduced, but in no-take policy, whether the gravel prices will rise or not? How to guarantee the sand quality?

With the protection of resources and the depletion of natural river sand, gravel material supply is shortage, so that you have difficulty to buy them. Some people even believe that the no-take policy is unnecessary because China has no natural sand in a few years. It is impossible to meet future market demand for river sand. In this huge supply gap, the machine made sand is widely considered to be a substitute for river sand, and the machine made sand has obvious advantages. The so-called machine made sands are that stones are crushed and screened bysmall jaw crusher and diesel crusher, and are made of particle size less than 4.75mm of rock particles at last. As long as there is stone, there is sand. Urban construction waste and mine tailings can be crushed into sand materials. Compared to river sand, using a high-quality sand making machine can control the quality of construction better. Stable performance and low prices are the advantages of machine made sand.

As the most powerful mechanisms for sand production equipment manufacturers, Henan Fote Machinery shows that the use of high-quality sand mechanisms can reduce cement content. The sand making machine made by our company will become a turning point in the history of industrial development machine made sand.

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