Artificial Sand Machine Have?Artificial Sand Production Line Cost Plan

In some professional magazine media, sand making machine for artificial sand (also known as the mechanism of sand) the exploration and application of already has a lot of theory with practice.Fact is true, natural sand in shrinking today, artificial sand not only is the most effective building instead of natural sand resources, is currently the most economical feasible method.Nowadays, the theory of artificial sand making machine with mature and have got the very extensive application.
Due to the natural sand is a kind of local material, restricted by resources and transportation.Since the 1960 s, some water and began to use local materials in civil engineering and construction mechanism of sand production technology, product technical performance and application in the concrete research, and began to use in engineering.The first artificial sand production line in sichuan yingxiu bay power plant project, completed by the end of 66.The total output of 600000 tons of the production line.
Artificial sand analysis of economic benefit: the production cost is 3.37 yuan per ton, the market now produce for 25 yuan per ton, the gross margin is 21.63 yuan per ton.Production of 16 hours a day, the output of 400 tons, calculated on 10 months each year, the annual output is 300 days = x 400 tons, 120000 tons, annual output of 120000 tons, 120000 tons of annual gross profit of x 21.63 yuan/ton = 2.5956 million yuan (excluding tax, etc.).Thus, the investment for four months or so you can recover all the investment.The system of artificial sand production line cost plan is also very important.
At present, the mechanism of sand production line has been widely used in all parts of the country, sand, stone from the various performance indicators fully meet the national building sand GB14684-2001, the building pebbles, gravel GB14685-2001 standards, the development and promotion of mechanism sand production line equipment to replace natural sand opens the historical...