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Sand making machine is a kind of crusher equipment, [url=]crusher[/url]
there are inevitable parts, at the completion of a certain production had to be.In order to make the production more efficient and sand quality qualified rate is high.Need to be replaced parts of the equipment, this time will need to purchase these parts.Sand making machine consists of feed hopper, distributor, vortex crushing cavity, impeller, shaft, base, transmission device and motor assembly etc of seven parts accessories.
Sand making machine needed to purchase accessories include: impeller mouth retainer, feeder, the motor pulley, vortex chamber plate, v-belts, extractor head, back fast, polite but, dirty but, material cone, empty impeller, bearing cylinder, host pulley, positioning, bearings, shaft, etc.Some parts according to the production situation for choose to repair or replacement.In replacement of these parts, we must first clear is the purpose of the sand making machine parts, and in this way can we in the event of a system to faster to find out what are the problems of sand machine parts out of the question, to adopt measures to correct change.
Let's learn about the sand making machine accessories to distinguish and function
1. The feed hopper
Into the structure of the hopper into a handstand trustum of a pyramid body (or cylinder), inlet set wear ring, from feeding equipment of the incoming hopper into the crusher.
2. The distributor
Distributor is mounted on the vortex crushing cavity, the upper part of the role of the distributor is to shunt from hopper incoming.
3. The vortex crushing cavity
Vortex structure of the crushing cavity shape for the upper and lower cylinder composed of two pieces of annular space, the impeller in the vortex crushing cavity high-speed rotation, vortex crushing cavity can reside within the material, form the lining material, the material of the broken process occurred in vortex broken cavity, comprises a lining...