Tips of Improving Production Efficiency of Sand Maker

Sand making machine is the core equipment of sand making plant. So the production efficiency depend on whether the sand making machine operate normally and efficiently. The engineers of jianye remind users paying attention to the following tips.

1. making sure that material can’t be mixed with iron and steel pieces, which can’t be broken material and will make the crusher stuck. For the safe production, people, not producing, should be far away from equipment.

2. no abnormal vibration or noise in the process of sand making machines. During the process, staffs should pay attention to the vibration and noise. If there is abnormal vibration and noise, staffs should stop producing and check the equipment.

3. Sand making machine impeller rotation direction cannot put back the clock. Impeller rotation direction is equipment’s fault. Staffs should stop producing and check the equipment.

4. Regular inspection of equipment.

These are the engineer remind everybody sand machine running the operation of the matters need attention in the process.

Currently, artificial sand has been widely used in various construction projects. The quality does have a direct effect on the quality of cements and construction buildings. So the sand making machine has a direct relation to the possibility of replacing natural sand with artificial sand in the building construction. There must be a day when the natural sand is out. We have a rich reserve of cobbles in China and it will be ‘Hitting twp birds with a single stone’ if we could make full use of it when the artificial sand can be qualified.

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