Literacy Lesson Plan

Literacy Lesson Plan
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Lesson Plan
Subject: Language Arts
Grade: Kindergarten
Topic: Picture/ word indentification
Duration: 30-45 minutes

Goals/Objectives: | The children will be able to identify the connection between pictures, symbols, and print words. |
Standards Covered: | Language Arts, State Goal 1: Reading with Understanding and fluency, Benchmark 1.A.K.a   Understand that pictures and symbols have meaning and their message in print.Illinois Early Learning Standards for KindergartenIllinois State Board of Education: Division of Early Childhood Education |
Materials: | Flashcards with pictures on them and an accompanying stack with the printed word corresponding to each picture flashcard, push pins, corkboard, coloring sheets, crayons and markers. |
Introduction: | I will motivate the students to participate by conducting hands on, multi-sensory activities that will encourage the child to learn.This will be done through giving the children coloring sheets, having the child color the sheet with markers or crayons so that they get used to the image they are coloring, then have them trace the name of the object which will be printed below the image, then show the images in flashcards connecting the image on the coloring sheet and flash card to words. |
Lesson Development: | The children will be given coloring sheets with pictures of objects. Underneath the pictures printed traceable words will be included for tracing. Then several flash cards of pictures will be placed on a corkboard next to the printed word of the object in the picture. The teacher and students will practice repeating the word and connecting the image to the word. This lesson will be taught through direct instruction. Children may be seated at desks /tables while coloring but on the carpet to see flash cards.For children with special need the lesson may be modified giving the instruction in clear precise steps, and asking the...