Level 3 Beauty Therapy Unit B20

VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy
Unit B20- Perform body massage treatment
*Use your text book pages 332-370 to help
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1. What are the commercial timings for the following;
a. Full body massage
b. Part body massage
2. Describe how you would cleanse the body before performing a massage treatment
3. Complete the table provided below with the relevant information on the different   massage mediums available

4. List the different types of pre-massage heat treatments and describe their uses and benefits

5. Describe the preparation, application, benefits and cautions (body characteristics that need particular care) for the following equipment;
a. G5
b. Audio sonic
6. Describe the advantages of mechanical and manual massage and the benefits of combining them
7. Identify and describe the massage movements and state their reasons for use
8. List the physiological effects of massage
9. List the psychological effects of massage
10. State how you would adapt the massage movements (both manual and mechanical) to include-
· sequence
· depth and pressure
· physical characteristics
· areas of the body
· client preferences
· male and female clients
11. Identify which contra-indications would prevent treatment and why
12. Identify which contra-indications would restrict treatment or where caution should be applied
13. Explain how to recognise erythema and hyperaemia and its causes
14. Identify possible contra actions which may occur during and post treatment, the causes of them and how to deal with them
15. How and why should support and cushioning be used during treatment
16. What is the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of body massage treatments
17. State the post treatment restrictions and future treatment needs
18. Describe products for home use and those to avoid and why

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