Leisure Activity- the Past Time Activity

Type:                 Block Method
Title:                 Leisure Activity-An Enjoyable Pastime Activity for Young Generation.
Context:             The invention of new technology has made changes to our surrounding.
Subject:               The wide available of technology and the leisure time they been given children  
                          Has been a greater subject to online and computer games. Therefore,
                            Leisure activity has been differing from the past.
Subject:             This cause a detrimental effect on children.

Issue:                 The increasing of leisure technology, such as computer and online game
                          Has grown to a new commodity of relaxation to adolescents.

Statement:         This essay is center on, why leisure activity can be drawback to the early                        
                          Development of young ones and the reason are subsequently classified under
                          Social effects, health and resulted in less academic capability.

Support for Thesis
Main idea 1:         Social
Idea A               -Social behavior
  i. Aggression
  ii. Addiction
  iii. Criminal behavior
Main idea2:         Health
Idea A                 -Physical effects
  i. Eyesight problem
  ii. Head problem
  iii. Weight loss

Main idea 3:         Academic achievements
  i. Loss interest in academic purpose
  ii. Less academic capability
Restatement of
Thesis:                     Outcome of detrimental causes is:
                                -Social behavior (aggression/addiction)
                                -criminal behavior (retrieving money)
                              -   Less academic capability
Implication:           - Elders does not seems to notice the impacts associated with leisure...