Leisure Activities

Leisure or free time is time spent away from school, business, work and domestic chores. Most children especially in the Pacific nowadays like to engage in exiting activities such as television, reading and sport. This essay covers the advantages of leisure such as physical and mental benefits, cultural and social and some disadvantages such as peer pressure, educational disturbance and mental and physical damages. There are various advantages of giving leisure time to children for their productive work or their other productive activities that need to discuss in detail.

To start with, the children watch movies, dramas and cartoons and read stories books, the parents think that these things would not be provide a child anything but they don't know, these things teach a child different languages, they understand how to behave with other and different cultures rules about which they know and what is right or wrong, they can decide or a confidence is build up inside them and this is the main advantage giving leisure time to children.

Secondly, the children play games like cricket, hockey, football, tennis and other puzzle games on a computer or on another media. These games keep children physically and mentally fit. They never gone a weak, they can solve mathematical task easily and can give the scientific solution perfectly.

Thirdly, the children also use the simulation program about different things in leisure time. These simulation programs teach a child, how do we perform a task and these simulation programs increase their knowledge and ability.

Moreover, in leisure time, when children play the games like cricket, hockey, football and tennis they do grouping, make pairs and make teams in these games and also make new friends during this grouping and understanding and learn, how we should live unite.
This essay has considered the advantages of leisure activities for Pacific children and will now consider the disadvantages. The...