Activity Living

This model basically for nurses to help the patient perform daily activity that will help them to get better during patient became independences. To theory can be modeled into nursing practice by assist nurses to describe, maybe explain and predict everyday experiences. Nurses can start by assessing the patient during admission or re-assess after take over report. From the assessment that had done, nurse will know patient condition physically, mentally and emotion. For example, patient ( Mr.) came because complain short of breath with history asthma since childhood. Saturation of oxygen level was 85% in room air. Patient totally dependences on ventolin puff, but did not take for 2 day before the event due nil in stock. Patient also busy with travelling couldn’t sleep well and can’t overcome the stress and patient is smoker person. All of the information can be collect by assessing and nursing diagnosis will comes out after analysis had done by compare the data to knowledge base of health and disease. Nurses also can assessing the specific disability and preferences relative to each activity based on ADL activity that been listed in this model.
After assessing done, nurses can create the nursing care plan based on the nursing diagnose that identify. The good nursing care plan should be specific toward what nurse can assist patient to get better during the physician treatment of an illness or diseases process. Nurses should able creative into identify the patient’s ability to meet their own need with or without assistance by considered the strength, willing or knowledge. For example, Mr. Z needs the immediate care plan to help him in breathing by supply the oxygen to him. He also needs nursing care plan for his sleeping problem such as conducive environment or restrict the visitor that can help him to overcome the stress.
After identify the care plan, implement the plan. Nurse should know how assist the patient either sick or well based on their condition. This can...