Legislation Chart

Legislation | Description of Legislation / Law | How this Legislation / Law is implemented in schools |
Children’s Act | Introduced 2004Amended   2006This came in in conjunction with the ‘Every Child Matters’ framework (this has since been renamed, Help Children Achieve More) to ensure joint working between social services, education providers and health professionals. | All Policies within schools should ensure that the Children’s Act is complied with in all areas. |
COSHH | COSHH is the law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health. | This legislation is covered within the Health and Safety Policy and Medicine Policy both of which are reviewed regularly.   They ensure that substances that are hazardous to health such as cleaning products are kept in their original packaging and locked away in the cleaner’s cupboard (one on each corridor) and that they can only be accessed by either the caretaker or by authorised personnel obtaining a key from the school office. |
Data Protection Act | Introduced 1998This act states that information should only be kept for the purpose for which it was intended and that records should only be accessed on a need to know basis. | The Confidentiality and ICT policies ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act. |
Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) | Introduced 1995Amended   2005 | This is implemented at Lyndon Green Infants through the disability and equality policy. |
Education Act | Introduced 2002Amended   2006This policy states that schools are required to work alongside other community based organisations and value the contributions of individuals from different communities. | The Teaching and Learning Policy and the SEN Policy ensure that children’s education is provided in compliance with the Education Act. |
Equality Act | Introduced 2010This Act has superseded and brings together the Equal Pay Act 1970; Sex Discrimination Act 1975; Race Relations Act 1976and the Disability...