Process Flow Chart

Running Head: Morning Routines
Morning Routine Process Flow Chart
By Alonzo Barber
University of Phoenix
      {text:list-item}     This process as is takes around two hours to complete. I typically have to get up before the sun and gather myself to begin my day. I know there is an easier way to complete this process. The matrix used for measurement is time. The Process of waking up takes about twenty minutes. I normally hit the snooze button on my alarm at least once which adds an extra 10 minutes to my wake up time. After I finally get out of the bed I begin to choose the clothes to be worn for the day. This can be fairly quick depending if I choose something the day before. Often I wait till the day of and it takes twenty to thirty minutes to choose an entire outfit. My shower is only ten minutes and is fairly consistent. My breakfast was designed to be quick but because of the activities prior it often is left out due to time. After breakfast I am out of the door and arriving at work around 7 am.
I want to shorten this time because I feel that I miss a lot when I skip breakfast. Not only do I feel press for time on those days but I am less productive and drained of all energy. I know that the bulk of my time is spent trying to simply get out of the bed. No matter what time I go to sleep the previous day, I simply dread the sound of the alarm the next morning. Some days I even sleep entirely through the alarm without hearing it. Although I know this is an issue within the process this is not what I want to streamline. In actuality I want to maximize the amount of time to sleep while allowing time to make some form of breakfast.
After a week of alternating steps and trying various process, here is the best result
  Wake up
      Pick out clothes for the day
      Start breakfast
      Take a quick shower
      Prepare breakfast
      Get dressed
      Eat breakfast
      Leave for work
    Simply integrating the breakfast...