Current Legislation

There are many legislative requirements that I have to be aware of while teaching. It is important that I keep up to date with these legislations and part of my responsibility is to make sure that they are been adhered to and I know what procedure to follow if this is not the case.

Data Protection Act 1998

At the end of each course each student must successfully complete an assessment and a written exam.   Results of this exam are kept personal and are not shared with the group.   Each student also has their own file, in which a copy of their test results will be placed.   These files are kept in a locked filing cabinet within a secure room that requires a key-code to enter it.   All students are aware that these files exist.

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

When teaching I am always making sure that the environment that I am working in is suitable for my students as well as myself.   Most of my training is pre-planned, and pre risk assessed, but I will still do dynamic risk assessments and make any adjustments where necessary.
I am also aware of the requirement to tell my students where the fire exits and first aid facilities are located at the beginning of my training course.

My current employer makes sure that I have up to date information on legislative requirements and codes of practices. And I am also aware where to obtain this information if needed