Legalize Marijuana?

Some people believe that the use of cannabis by humans should be prohibited. Prohibition is enforced due to the danger of people driving under the influence as seen recently in an accident in Colorado where it is not only decriminalized, but also legal for recreational use. On the other hand, many other people consider the use for their medical reasons to cope with pain, sleep deprivation, and lack of hunger when receiving cancer treatment. There are many different effects on a society with and without the decriminalization of marijuana.
New York is on the urge of making marijuana legal for medical use. Many people disagree with this decision for a few reasons. Marijuana smoke contains over 50% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco does. Scientist did research and found out that one little joint(rolled up marijuana) can cause as much damage to the lungs in comparison to 5 cigarettes. Women that smoke marijuana while pregnant can severely damage the fetus and can be born prematurely to an undersized and underweight baby. Studies also show that babies of cannabis users have been born with some problems other than prematurity. Some parents are willing to take this risk to continue the use of cannabis. Some effects include but are not limited to; reduce awareness and decrease the ability to concentrate and strive for goals in life and also can have some mental abnormalities and a higher risk of leukemia. Some people believe that it is an addiction while other constant users say that they just do it to cope with some problems and want to escape the real world.
Marijuana could be dangerous not only to your health but also to one's surroundings. Recently in the state of Colorado, marijuana became not only legal to use for medical reasons but for recreational use as well. Since this legalization there has been many incidents of people driving under the influence of marijuana and putting many in danger. Recently, a 23 year old man, Keith Kilbey, was...