Legalizing Marijuana

The argument of weather Marijuana should be legalized in California (and the rest of the US) is a very large debate in current times. Most of the people who are against legalizing it have jaded views of what the drug actually does to someone.
Not all drugs are equal, they have many differences that would make one more dangerous than the other, marijuana happens to be one of the drugs with less harmful effects than the others. Studies have shown that marijuana is not lethal to humans at all, in fact it is humanly impossible to overdose on the drug. Also, most of the prescription drugs on the market today have many more dangers and side effects than marijuana does, which is why it is still used as a medical drug today. There is absolutely no chemical dependency on marijuana, you would get addicted to Coca-Cola before you could ever get addicted to marijuana.
Another argument to not legalize marijuana is the money. The money someone would spend on illegal marijuana would not only be much cheaper but would not go to foreign cartels either. The revenue that the US could gain from this would be monumental. Reduced legal markets (like age limits) would cut down on teenage usage because the drug would be less profitable to drug dealers.
Marijuana, like it or not, had very good attributes. If it is legal to drink alcohol and smoke, which are both addictive and extremely more harmful, then why can’t people use marijuana? This cheap natural plant has been used to make medicine for centuries and yet we still pay through the nose for medications with extreme side effects? Legalizing marijuana is smart on the social and economic level.