As we have the opportunity to learn new things, improve our existing skills and also teach others something, I have made a list of things that I want to learn from professionals and would like to teach to others. I believe that this process will help us to develop our skills and benefit us in our life. Five things I can learn in this semester are, cooking (Chinese), swimming, dancing, Driving cars and French. Among these activities I want learn driving as it is getting very important day by day. Next, five things I want to improve are my painting skills, regularity or punctuality, vocabulary, presentation skills and use of Photoshop. I have chosen to improve my punctuality or regularity as it will help me a lot in the future.   After learning and improving these activities I want to teach some things to others like- teaching my mother how to use PC, teaching my father internet, painting and cooking to my little sister etc. and I have chosen to teach my mother use of pc which is very necessary in today‚Äôs world.


I have decided to learn driving (car) this semester as I consider that it is getting very important day by day. People should learn driving cars for their own benefits in terms of time and money.

Traffic system of Dhaka city is in such condition that we cannot move from one place to another without a car. I live in Dhanmondi and my university is located in Bashundhara residential area which is long distance. Without a car, I have to face a lot of problems to go to my university. Car helps us to get around faster than any other vehicle like bus, CNG etc. For coming to university I have to rely on my driver as I cannot drive the car. If the driver is late 10-20minutes, it cost me a lot to be on time in my class which can cost me a lot in this course. Self-driving is equated with freedom and opportunity which saves my time a lot. Otherwise I have to wait in the bus line or for other transport or for the driver. Also it increases the...