Learning Curve Theory

Reexamining Original Process
Originally there were certain decisions made on why each country was chosen.   Apparently there has been some change due to the recent situation at hand.   The country chosen to supply the control chip remote has an on time delivery rate of 82%.   This is obviously unacceptable and Canada will no longer be the country to be able to continue to do business with.   The organization seeks to introduce a new version of an automotive keyless entry fob.   For the success of the organization, time is a major factor since most of the parts are from global purchasing.   The organization is called The x factor Designs.
Alternative Process
The x factor Designs takes great prides on total quality management in order to do extremely well with their products and services for the customer at hand.   They care for their design and guarantee they can be consistent with quality.   With this, they also turn to their award winning service.   They were awarded the Baldrige Quality Award showing outstanding quality for their products and processes.   This leads to the next decision, an alternative for the control chip.
      The alternative decision for the control chip to be processed will be China.   In the recent weeks, the organization has acquired great knowledge on Chinese negotiations, culture awareness and etiquette.   Guanxi is also another value of relationship building they are now familiar with.   China was chosen after The x factor Designs put much time, effort and research so another issue in delivery accuracy would not happen again.
All other decisions regarding the other countries chosen will still remain until further notice.
Evaluation Process
There were other options for other countries to be the maker of the control chip.   China was the country chosen for many reasons, making it the obvious reason to go with.
China was chosen because of the long-standing culture.   It was admirable to be able to work with a culture whose style of...