Learning About Life

Scott Young
English 0301
Learning about life
No one can tell you to be scrupulous; the only person that can tell you this is you. So put it in your head that you will be ostentatious. Someone in my life as told me that I do not use discretion a lot of the time, but I have learned to block out what they have say. Because I know somewhere deep down inside of me, I do use good judgment. However, I did not see it that way.
The first part of learning about life came from being an* O.T.R Driver for ten years. My driver trainer was the person who taught me something’s about life. The main part he told me was, do not go through* life alone. His advice to me was to find me a beautiful wife, settle down being a family and have some kids. Therefore, I did that and it only took me nine years to find my beautiful wife.
When I got married, my wife taught me some things about life as well. She told me that the most important thing in life is your family and do not let your family get hurt. Because if you do that is the hardest thing to overcome or the death of a loved one. My wife and I sat down and talked about life. She has encouraged me to go back to college and finish my A.A.S Degree so t hat is what I am doing.  
The other thing life has taught me is that you are never too old to do anything. When going though life there still is a lot of learning to do, you do not want to go running head strong right in to it. About once a week or *so,* I go and talk with my pastor. This man has also taught me a great deal about something in life. He has all ways told me to do the right thing and pay no mind to what someone may say.  
I will not listen to what someone that is saying negative things about me. However, when I look back over the course of my life, I think about what else I might have changed. No, I do not believe I will change a thing. When you go down this road that we call life, there is always something to learn about life, do not go thought...