Learning Journal 1 Pttls

Learning Journal (1)

First session completed, have met Alicia and my fellow “learners” (term that I have picked up today to replace my previous use of student or pupil). We started off with an ice-breaker exercise pairing up and swapping information on careers and an amazing fact or two, I felt the exercise went well and that I had gained a reasonable understanding of the professional backgrounds of many of the group.
We went on to discuss our expectations and anxieties regarding the course and as a group devised a list of expectations including “become a better trainer” and “develop a better understanding on how to deliver”. The anxiety that I shared in our pairs was that I am and have been quite anxious regarding topic selection for the Individual Micro Teaching session to come later in the course.
I was surprised, horrified and delighted upon hearing a few stories from people in the group regarding their good and bad learning experiences it gave a useful insight in what to avoid as a teacher and how certain actions can have a lasting effect/impression on an individual.

As far as developing my practical skills as a result of today’s session I don’t feel that much if anything was highlighted. Personally I am aware of a few practical skills that I will need to develop further i.e. Board handwriting.

I believe I have plenty of reading up to do on teaching in the lifelong learning sector which should help to develop my knowledge and understanding. I will endeavour to read fully the suggested Gravells Fourth Edition.

To summarise I enjoyed the first session however still have that deer in headlights feeling at the amount of work ahead and that I haven’t studied at this level before. I am hoping that as the sessions I will get into the swing of classroom learning ultimately helping me to become a better trainer.