Using Your Reflective Learning Journal Provide a Critical Analysis of 2,500 Words, Which Summarises the Following Aspects of Your on-Going Personal and Professional Development.

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Task 3
Title: Using your reflective learning journal provide a critical analysis of 2,500 words, which summarises the following aspects of your on-going personal and professional development.
  a. Teaching role and contexts within the Lifelong learning sector.

  b. Own teaching role and context within the Lifelong learning sector.

  c. Impact of own beliefs, assumptions and behaviours on learners and others.

  d. Impact of own professional, personal and interpersonal skills, including literacy, numeracy and ICT skills on learners and others.
Continuing professional development combined subject specialism, teaching and learning and policy and local context.
Continuing personal development combined functional skills (communication skills, numeracy skills, IT skills and interpersonal skills)
A professional development cycle supports for continuing professional development (CPD).
The professional development cycle have 6 stages.
Stage1. Reflect on my role, subject specialism and priorities.
Stage2. Analyse my professional goals and needs using my reflections, reviews and appraisals.
Stage3. Using this analysis to create a professional development plan for the coming year.
Stage4. Carry out my planned activities and log outcome and reflections on progress.
Stage5. Create a professional development record from the evidence in my log.
Stage6. Reflect on the impact of what you have achieved in my professional development record.

A critical analysis of teaching role and context with the lifelong learning sector from my reflective learning journal
Research undertaken by Lifelong Learning UK indicates that all teachers undertake the same activities in relation to the teaching cycle:
  * Initial assessment
Finding out the needs of the organization and the learners and preparing a scheme of work. From the initial assessment, Learners’ expectation some time does not match the organization educational plan. The learners’ functional...