Reflective Learning Journal

Reflective learning journal

A Reflective Learning Journal must be completed after each theory/practical assessment task (eg task 1, task 2, task 3, etc) and/or each session attended throughout the PTLLS programme.   Candidates are permitted to use their own journal format or use this pro forma.

Name of candidate Joanne Howes-Watson
The main points from this journal fit into assessment task no: Task 4

The main points I have learnt from this session/assessment are:
I now know that to do any form of teaching to a group for the first time I need to plan an icebreaker I was amazed how much this helped   with group bonding   also helped people to relax and to get to know each other a little better this also helped   the motivation and moral in the class room, in this session I have also learnt   in much more depth the importance to establish the ground rules to at least a minimum to make sure that everybody know what is expected of them also covered in this is respect for the classroom and each other,   making sure every one knows the safety issues as well as basic ground rules will make the classroom a more organised, respected and   happy teaching environment.
How I could develop my practical skills as a result of this session/assessment:
Using icebreaker are a great to help learners bond, also with there peers/teachers.
I do use very low risk ground rules due to having new pupils quite frequently, as I work in a very close environment I feel it is very important to make the learner to feel relax as soon as you can, I feel for myself that I can now take this to another level; I found very interesting the different ways in which you can use ice breaker , my thoughts are now that I understand the low risk to high risks I can make the ice breakers more challenging and interesting rather than basic day to day questions. I would also involve more group and pair activities, as I realise this helps with the bonding of the group which is more interesting for the...