Learning from Past Mistakes Telecommunication Contractor

Dania Construction Services Sdn. Bhd.
Dania Construction Services Sdn. Bhd. (DCSSB) is a PKK class ‘A’ contractor registered to provide trades and services in civil, electrical and telecommunication construction. Their main client is the national telecommunication service provider, Telekom Malaysia Berhad.
The company has been through a lot of financial problems in the early stage of its establishment and has survived many ups and downs throughout managing its growth. In June 2012, it faces another challenge in managing the sustainability of its growth. A new big project has been secured by DCSSB which is to start in July 2012 and another project seems also to be coming their way. The company has a few decisions to make by the Management, with regards to their capital budgeting to ensure the sustainability of their business for the coming years.

DCSSB was built by 3 friends who went to the same local university back in the 1990’s. All of them spent few years as engineer and accountant to gain some experience in the working environment before they decide to quit their job and form DCSSB. This is something that they had planned since they were still university students. Their main reason to set up their own company is to take advantage of the growing economies of the region and considering only limited number of ‘bumiputeras’ venturing into these business in the country. These 3 friends have always been sharpening their entrepreneurial skills since their university days by joining many extra-curricular activities which involve dealing with business set-up. They seems be well prepared for the challenges they will face ahead without any support or guidance from any organisation.
Ir. Azmi b. Baharuddin graduated as a Civil Engineer and employed in a huge construction company and has working skill for 5 years before quitting and formed DCSSB. Ir. Badrul   Hisham b. Ahmad graduated in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering and served...