What Is Military History

What is military History? When thinking of military history, epic battles and wars that changed the face of the world as we know it today first come to mind. It is true that military history is a lot to do with studying warfare but it is more complex than this. In this essay one will firstly have to look at what military history is and where it originated from? Secondly it is important to look at the other areas that have intertwined with military history, these being political thought, economics and link between military history and society. Lastly what is military history today and does it have any practical value.

      Military history is the history of war. The history of war can be summarised through various sub groups. Firstly there is the campaigns and battles of war. Secondly leaders and leadership skills during these battles. Thirdly military institutions and formations. There are wide misconceptions that military history is just about war and this is one of the main reasons military history is ridiculed however it is not just about this. One can take Ireland as an example apart from fighting for its independence which is categorised as the ‘Irish Revolution’ it has not fought in any wars or had any decisive battles that can be recalled in the history books however this does not mean it is not written about   in military history. The Irish defence forces as an institution in Ireland is very important part of our military history. Fourthly military history is the study of war and how it has shaped society and more importantly how it reacts with society today. Lastly when looking at military history it is important to note the overlap with the economy and politics.

    Military history is one of the oldest fields of History. In order to explain what military history is its origins need to be traced. Older military history was more interested with battles and the campaign of war. The origins of military history can be traced as far back to the period...