Learning Experience

I would like to tell you about one French lesson with my favourite teacher.
I started learning French in university, it was my second foreign language. After I graduated I had no time for French and then I realized that I was simply forgetting the language. At the time I decided to take French lessons again, my level was about elementary.   It means I could discuss simple topics in French.
The lesson started as usually, from discussing the events of previous days and retelling the French book I was reading. But there was one moment that should be mentioned. My home task for that day was to learn new words and I was not ready with it. I intended to ask my teacher to conduct a simple speaking lesson. However I had no such luck!
My teacher decided that we should study the new vocabulary anyway. First she asked me to read all new words and phrases and make up my own sentences with them. It was pretty difficult task for me, because the topic of vocabulary was travelling, and I had no chance to discuss travelling in French before that lesson and there were lots of new words for me. But finally we finished and I coped with most of them.
The next part of the lesson we did exercises on the same topic. There were exercises for filling the gaps, for translation and sentence transformation. My teacher made my brain work very quickly. I was very exhausted by the end of the lesson but her efforts brought good results!
I had that lesson about   7 months ago and I still remember almost all words from the vocabulary and can even spell the most difficult of them such as “ramasser des coquillages” or “choisir un itinéraire”. I am very thankful to my teacher for the great work she has done.