Learning Experience

Two Learning Experiences in your Life so far

For this essay I am going to write about my two significant learning experiences in my life. I will describe and reflect on what actions I have taken and how I learn from it. On this essay I am going to structure it using Gibbs (1988) Reflective cycle. I found that Gibbs (1988) would outline the important points on what I am going to talk about, in his reflective model it is incorporates the following description, feelings, evaluation, analysis and conclusion.

The first life experience I am going to share is when my family and me moved to the United Kingdom back in 2004, when I was nine years old. Since then I continued my studies, made new friends, culture shocked, had experienced challenges and basically grew up from a young girl to a young lady. I was really young when I moved from the Philippines to United Kingdom. From what I remember I was feeling anxious and excited at the same time. Anxious, because I would leave relatives and friends behind, me and my family have to start from scratch i.e. adapt to the new environment, make new friends, find jobs, new school etc. In addition, I was excited because I wanted to visit London because I think it is the most unique city in the world due to it’s diverse society and its historic building, I also wanted to meet new people from different cultural background and enhance my skill on English language.

Since moving to United Kingdom, I experienced both positive and negative challenges especially on building relationships and trying new things. I was a very shy child and I have little confidence on my skills and ability. I was culture shock in a way that I can do this things back in the Philippines but I can’t do this things in the U.K. for example, the weather, I wasn’t aware that there are four different types of seasons in a year and that you have to wear different types of clothing during those seasons i.e. thing jackets and thermal clothing for Winter. I find...