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Career Development 1

Career Development Plan Part III
Flavio Petris
Human Capital Management 531
Dr. Maurice A. Rosano
October 28, 2009

Career Development 2

Career Development Plan Part III

• Introduction

InterClean merger with EnviroTech has created a more competitive and strong organization. This merge has opened a new horizon for InterClean in the cleaning/solution industry. This part of the report will give an overview of performance and career management of post merger for InterClean employees. InterClean goal is to retain top talent integrating with new employees and build a world class sales team. A good performance management program will assist the manager to inform the employee where are them now and to help focus attention and effort on the desired direction (Cascio 2006, p. 328). This report will explains the feedback tools, employee opportunities available, career diversity, dual parents and justification of this report.

• Feedback Systems

To build and strong and successful world class sales team, InterClean must have in place a very good feedback process. Feedback is a key component to enhance employee’s performance and support employee’s efforts toward the company’s goals. Feedback will be measured between performances against objectives, by this means; included in the feedback will be performance standards, job analysis and organizational goals. Formal feedback will be given to the employees every 6
Career Development 3

months. Furthermore, managers or supervisors will be required to give informal feedback to the employees every other month. Informal feedback will provide the employee with the tools necessary to improve or even give their opinions before the formal feedback comes around. According to Cascio “feedback has maximum impact when it is given as close as possible to the action” (Cascio, 2006). The methods that will be use for informal feedback will be verbal and in the form of emails or memos.