CharlotteĀ Jacobi
Vision 2020

My City in 2020 - and how it will relate to the world

I have three wishes concerning the future improvement of my city Berlin:

a)Innovative multi-generation housing.
In Berlin nearly half of all households are single households. Looking at the aging society this will cause much loneliness and increasing problems for elderly people. They suffer when they have to leave their apartments of houses and have to go to a home for the elderly being restricted to one room.
But also the young mothers suffer from the present form of housing because they can not go to work because they can not afford child care and the grandmothers live elsewhere. In 2020 I will be 34 years old and want to have children. My vision is that new housing complexes should be designed and built or converted where families and singles and single parent families can live together and jointly look after children, and can jointly cook and share other activities such as cleaning the clothes or sharing cars and gymnastic rooms and workshops to repair things. All these things can normally not be afforded by a single family if the decrease in income continues.

b)My second concern in environment, education, traffic and spaces for the youth.
In general, my city Berlin is quite green with woods and lakes and good public transport. Nevertheless, the car traffic is increasing especially since the wall came down in 1990. I like to go shopping in Hanover where my grandma lives because the inner city is largely free from cars. One proposal to reduce cars in inner city is a larger use of shared cars (stattauto is a big provider in Berlin). Some people could use public transport but there is still a certain distance from the station to their homes. In these cases a call bus (9 seater) could be used that has not a fixed route but goes individually collecting several guests. In the city of Wolfsburg this service is a joint action of Volkswagen donating the cars and the city...