Playing Sports Teaches Us About Life

Playing sports teaches us about you agree with the statement?

Some people say that playing games is a waste of time and money, since you may disregard your studies or work, you may get dirty playing outside or even you may get hurt by something or someone accidentally. No one can deny the importance of playing games in our life. Some people argue that playing games teaches us many valuable things about life, while others believe that playing games teaches us nothing about life. I strongly support the idea that playing games is beneficial in our life for the following reasons. we can learn a great deal about playing games in our life for the following reasons.

First of all, whether the game is played alone or in company, we can enhance our competences such as mental and physical agility, cooperativeness, as well as competitiveness. For instance, playing chess improves our strategic ability whereas sports like football or basket require a huge amount of stamina and collaboration, Reason behind making playing games useful is that it teaches us teamwork especially in team games. In team games, the individual team members should not only play for personal achievements but for the sake of the team as well. Moreover, playing games teaches us cooperation, organization and loyalty to our team, which in turn affects positively our relationships with other people.

Secondly, playing games not only develops practical skills but it also performs an educational or simulation role. On the one hand, by using games for educational purposes, students can learn big time in the simplest and the most entertaining way. As an example, playing quizzes stimulates people’s learning process. On the other hand, simulations are become widely utilized as a method to recreate real-life situations for training, analysis and prediction. For example, in a war game the militaries explore the effects of warfare or test strategies without actual combat.

Another reason that can make...