Leadership Essay

Leadership Philosophy

My personal values are nested firmly in the seven Army values but the two that stand out for me because of who I am are: Selfless Service, and Integrity, most especially Moral courage.

Selfless Service by the fact that I have continue to serve   as a retired United States Army officer, I have voluntarily become a servant to the nation and by doing so put the welfare of the Nation, the Army, and my subordinates before my own. In peacetime and in combat this will be my mantra. Along those same lines, Personal Courage is expected of me at all times, but more importantly, I think, on a day to day basis I must exemplify Moral Courage: the willingness to stand up an be accounted for when my values, principles and convictions (ethics) are challenged. To stand up for what is right and what I believe in, even though it may prove difficult, I believe is critical, regardless of the consequences.   Doing the right thing is easy to say, actually doing it is much harder but that is what moral courage is all about!

Another attribute that I think is critical and linked to moral courage is candor. This entails being honest, frank, and sincere with others, especially superiors. It also requires that one be aware of the bias and prejudices we have when we ask for feedback or recommendations. A willingness to listen and take account of others points of views and perspectives is a strength that I strive to possess and establish on a daily basis.

What’s important to me:   1) My family, 2) My Students, 3) My Army and, 4) My Self development, both professionally and personally. The first three require no additional explanation. As part of self-development I am a committed lifelong learner, especially on the subjects of Organizational Leadership and Military History. They are two of topics I am passionate about. I work on them daily to improve myself and make me a better Leader and a better teacher.

Leader Development: This critical area is a personal...