Leadership Stidues Essay

Within the first semester of studies at the United States Sergeants Major Academy, there were three essential modules, which were covered; the C100 or Foundations module, the C200 Military Strategic Environment, and the L100, Developing Organizations and Leaders.   To ensure a better understanding of the material four questions were asked and this paper will focus on the responses to those questions as a Sergeants Major in the United States Army Reserve.   Each question refers to a specific aspect of the respective areas of instruction; such as critical thinking and problem solving as a Sergeants Major, military strategic environment and the contemporary operating environment, the main idea of developing organizations and leaders as a Sergeants Major, and developing a program to improve the resiliency of Soldiers and organizations.   By providing written answers to these questions, this author will be able to show a better grasp of the material learned.   It will also help this author with returning to his assigned organization and provide a more effective mentorship program to those with whom he serves.

How many times have you gone to a military school and upon return were asked, “How did it go?   What did you learn?   What do I need to be better prepared?”   This author is already anticipating these questions, among others, upon his return from attending the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA).   Generally speaking, people do not like to go into situations blindly.   In the military, we perform a task called intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB).   This is where we gather as much information as possible and then decide on a plan to achieve success.   During the first semester of studies at USASMA, modules called “Foundations”, “Military Strategic Environment”, and “Developing Organizations and Leaders” were covered.   To better prepare them and get a better grasp of the concepts within those modules this author will answer four...