Leadership Development Plan for Walgreen

Walgreens Pharmacy Training Development Plan

Capstone Seminar In Organizational Leadership- MSL 670
Dr. Jerald Meadows- Instructor

Jerome Cooper
Belhaven University

Tables of Content
Abstract 3
Organizational Background 4
Need For Development                                           5
Values and Purposes 7
Mission 8
Vision 9
Key Objectives 9
Literature Reviews 9
  I. Effective Leaders 9
  II. Effective of Poor and Positive Leadership 10
  III. Why Leaders Need Development 11
  IV. Reason For Turnover 12
  V. Effect of Turnovers 13
  VI. Effect of   Breaks 13
Leadership Development Plan 14
Goals Of Leadership Development Plan 15
Outcomes Of The Leadership Development Plan 17
Leadership Assessment 18
Figure 1 Sample of SWOT Analysis Diagram 19
Action Steps and Feedback Process 19
Feedback Plan 20
Program Resources 20
Budget Projection 21
Regulatory Consideration 21
Conclusion 22
Appendix A Organization Development Plan 23
Appendix B SWOT Analysis 24
Appendix C 360-degree Feedback Questionnaire 25

          Walgreens pharmacy staff in district-244 located in Jackson, MS has been facing turnovers among the pharmacist and technician.   The Leadership Development Plan has been establish to strengthen and enhance the leadership skills of the pharmacy manager.   The main reasons for turnovers are understaffing and lunchbreaks.   The results of this Leader Development Plan are to strength the pharmacy manager’s leadership skills and abilities.   By improving on their leadership abilities and skills, the pharmacy department will decrease their turnover and operate with efficiency.

Organization Background
Walgreens was founded in 1901 by Charles R. Walgreens.   The company...