Language Arts


What is the overall purpose or point of this book?
Response: How ever did the triumphant and victorious people of this world become well, so successful. What is it about them? Is it maybe just out of coincidence they just got lucky. There are many other people who work just as hard as they do, and are just as intelligently capable as they are. Is there a enigma to the astounding accomplishments of the Beatles, Bill Gates, and businessmen who were born in the 1830s, but not the 1840s? Maybe. This book, Outliers, endeavors to answer all these questions using sociological, cultural, and generational investigation presented in a fairly simple understanding.
In this book, Malcom Gladwell repeatedly asks the question, what makes high achievers different from others? During the book we discover the answer to be is that people are wasting time paying too much attention and putting forth too much of their effort to how successful people live there lives. To when they should be focusing more on themselves and their background of life, such as, where they came from, where the grew up, their beloved ones. They should be spending more time worrying about living their generation, and not trying to live like someone else. There are two parts to the book, the first part is called “Opportunity”, which consists of five chapters, and part two, called “Legacy”, which consists of four chapters. Ouliers also consists of an introduction in the beginning of the book, and also and epilogue. As we understand Outliers deals with those successful and exceptional people of this world, especially those who consist of all three triumphant qualities: smart, rich and successful, and then of course there are those who function and live along the lines of what is statistically doable.

How does the author go about supporting his point?
Response: In Order for Malcom Gladwell to support and prove his point, he needed facts. So Gladwell went on interviewing a numerous amount of...