Education Language Arts

Aracely Escamilla

English 2375-001

Mr. Nighbert

April 21, 2008

Transition of Adolescence

In the book “Godless” the main character, Jason Bock, is going through a adolescent transition that really can not be explained and he is to scared to confront his father so he develops this image of adventures and rebellious and comical at the same time.
Jason is developing a sense of self-image. He does not have the courage to come out straight and question his religion. We all know that religion is the most controversial subject to speak about, especially when you are trying to prove that your religion is the right one. When growing up you do not question your parents about the religion you practice, you just go with the flow as one would say. “Every Sunday, without fail, he drags me to mass at the Church of the Good Shepherd” (Hautman 14) is a perfect example that children will just do what parents say without questioning the action.
Jason seems to be rebellious at least without his parents knowing. For example, creating his   religion. He will not have the courage to approach his parents and let them know that he is doing his own religion, but he is letting the younger kids know all his requirements to join. Jason is letting some not all kids in on the game that he has going. He tells them what the name of this new God, what the he requires, and what they worship. When you are a really young kid things might seem enormous to you, later when you grow up and see things at a different angle you get a different perspective.
Every child goes through a period of questioning the religion that they have been practicing since childhood. This is very common when children grow up and interact more often with other persons of other faiths. Maybe going as far as to worship a huge tank in the middle of the city is quite extreme. Jason really never wanted for things to get out of hand. Many children act out in different ways to release the feelings they withhold...