Analysis of Usage Language in Short Message Service (Sms) Among Teenagers

Analysis Of Usage Language In Short Message Service (SMS) Among Teenagers

BY : Maria Natalia
NIM : 12286
CLASS : NK1/09
LECTURE : Dr. Hamzah, M.A., M.M.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a product that provides short message service by sending many characters that available in cellular phone to the message receiver. Maximum amount of characters per sheet is 160 characters. Generally, cellular phone providers use charge per SMS counting system. Nevertheless, some cellular phone providers use charge per character counting system.
SMS cost that charged by each provider make SMS users find an idea to make their communication runs effectively so it can be understood by message receiver. Many problems appear when the sender doesn’t use the proper and right language. This problem proved by words abbreviation, ineffective sentence usage, and sentences which punctuation or less of punctuation. These mistakes can be a problem for the receiver. Thus writer choose “SMS Language Usage Among Teenagers” as a title in this scientific writing.
Among the teenagers, mixed usage of English and Indonesian language often found. Problems increase when there’s writing on English hasn’t officially adapted into Indonesian. Teens do many kind of Indonesian language creation cause many reasons. There are because the high of creativity, said to be cool and wide knowledge. Teens always combine alphabetic, numeric, and emoticons. Those things will bring misinterpretation to the receiver. Another mistake could be because the sender did get wrong in writing the word. So it makes the recipient difficult to interpret the meaning of their messages.
The paper uses content analysis methods with techniques questioner. This paper distributed questioner had seven questions that according to the language form that teenagers use in send SMS. This method did because we need...