College Essay Soduim

Surrounded by fellow classmates, an unusual silence, and a television screen, I sat at my desk awestruck by a scientific presentation. From that point on I knew what I wanted to do in life. In addition, the video created new goals in my life and obstacles I had to overcome.
I was a junior and it was my first day in chemistry class. My chemistry teacher was going to introduce the course with a video presentation on an interesting chemical reaction. After the man put on his rubber gloves and goggles, he opened a bucket filled with oil and took out a massive piece of metallic substance that looked like a large piece of molding clay. He then cautiously walks over to an isolated pond and threw the chunk into the lake. As the substance hit the water it generated a substantial explosion triggering many successive reactions as fragments flew into the air landing back in the pond creating separate smaller eruptions. I found the overall interaction fascinating, in that such a common purified element such as sodium could cause such an aggressive reaction. It was almost immediately, that I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in chemistry. Over the course of my chemistry class I learned a great deal about how intricate the field of chemistry can be. From polymers to particle accelerators I wanted to learn, research, and apply my knowledge to benefit the world. In order to fulfill my dream, I know I needed to take an assertive approach to furthering my education.
For the past year I’ve been trying to earn privilege to the college of my choice. I completed my eagle project and became an eagle scout, got a 98 on my chemistry regents. In my first college experience I received a 4.0 in my pre-calculus class last summer at a local community college, and became a certified scuba diver. Today I am still trying to excel in my studies in school. School has never been easy through. I have had a learning disability in the area of language arts making it difficulty to express any...