L3 Eat Assignment 301

Assignment 301
Task A

Role and responsibilities of a teacher / trainer within BRTCC

One of key roles as a teacher/ trainer is to motivate and engage your learners to want to develop their abilities and aspirations to learn and grow. Your role is not just about delivering training and facilitating learning, your role relates much more to inspiring learners to change behaviours and develop their professional skills and interpersonal to the best of their abilities.
Your ultimate aim is encourage the learner to take responsibility of their own development and become self sufficient.

“By catching fish for a man he can be fed for a day, teach a man to fish and he will be fed all his life”
Some key aspects of your role and responsibilities as a teacher /trainer may be to:

  * carry out initial and/or diagnostic assessments;
  * clearly communication with your learners, other professionals and stakeholders;
  * promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others;
  * identify and meet individual learners’ needs;
  * be aware of the support mechanisms available;
  * be organised;
  * be reflective, which means learning from successes as well as mistakes.
  * promoting a safe and supportive learning environment;
  * promoting equality and diversity;
  * adhering to key legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice;
  * modelling professional behaviour at all times to inspire your learners;
  * ensuring your own professional development;
  * contributing to a team of professionals in order to improve the experience and achievement of your learners;
  * designing or contributing to the design of the course curriculum
  * negotiating appropriate learning targets for the group and individuals as appropriate to their needs and aspirations as well as the course aims;
  * planning learning activities based on the needs of your group and specific individual needs within the group;
  * designing or amending learning...