Assignment 301

Assignment 301- understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in                                                     education and training.
The role of a teacher means that you can be a member of “the institute for learning” this is a professional body for teachers/trainers and assessor teaching in further education that includes adult learning, community learning, emergency and public services, also further education colleges, armed services and voluntary as well as work based learning. The teacher should have a high level of knowledge on the subject they are teaching. Putting the interest of the learners fist and keep updated at all times on the subject they are teaching there are three thing a teacher must be able to do :-
  * Manage the group - been supportive, approachable. Having a lesson plan in place with the aims and objectives.  
  * Manage the activates - making shore the environment is safe following the health and safety polices.
  * Manage the learning – having a knowledge of the subject that is been teacher.
Teaches should have certain documentation they would need to teach a class i.e. register scheme of work, Tutorial records, certificates act. A teacher should be friendly, confident, organised, flexible and approachable. Been able to build the learners confidence, be willing to help and explain things in a proper manner, good personal hygiene and dress code should always be followed too.
It is the responsibility of the teacher to identify the needs of the learners. Check of the equipment used correct
  * Pens, pencils, paper.
  * Hand-outs
  * Power point presentation
As well as making Shure that all spelling are correct as this could be deemed as unprofessional.
Making shore the environment safe is in portent to minimize accidents such as slip, trips and falls. Preventing this this would be too make sure wires are covered and out of the way, furniture and equipment placed in a safe manna having all electrical...