Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults.

Assignment 301: Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults.
Task A:
  1. Identify the features of a positive relationship with children and adults and explain how this can be achieved.

Effective Communication Skills
Effective communication skills can be achieved by listening intently to the person with whom you are talking to. To ensure that the person knows you are listening you must react to and comment on what they are saying. It is important to maintain eye contact and ensure that you use the correct facial expressions. The tone of voice that is used needs to be adjusted for the person you are talking to and for the particular situation.
Support and Trust
Support and trust can be achieved by being open and honest with the person that you are talking to. If you make a promise it is important to keep to it in order to build trust, likewise being clear about what you expect of that person will give children clear boundaries. It is also important to apologise when you have made a mistake.
Mutual Respect and Benefit
Mutual respect and benefit can be achieved by being considerate to the person with whom you are communicating with. It is important to think off the feelings of the person and be accepting of different opinions. Cultural differences may occur and it is important to be aware of how other cultures may interpret certain phrases and gestures.

Listening to Others

Listening to others can be achieved by putting aside any pre-conceptions you may have of the person and by listening to their side of the story.   It is important to use eye contact to show the person that you are interested in what they have to say

Remembering personal issues

In order to maintain a positive relationship it is often, in the case of a pre-planned meeting to find out a few details of the person/ family with whom you are going to meet. It will make the conversation easier as you will be able to make ‘small talk’ at first...