Kudler Fine Foods Web Design

Kudler Fine Foods
Kudler Fine Foods is a family-owned business that came to life in 1998. The company currently operates three stores. Each store stocks a large array of fresh, homemade, and packaged products. The business hires associates knowledgeable in food and wines. The owner Kathy Kudler has one problem. She is not sure that her website is top-notch. She has asked a team of University of Phoenix students to critique her website and suggest improvements. Kathy wants her website to be at the top of search lists.
Kudler website design uses a simple visual design in which it clearly states what the company is about.   The colors are neutral and do not give the viewer an eye strain trying to maneuver their way through the website.   The website is pleasing in that sense because the colors complement one another in when referring to a color scheme.   Many websites are way too busy and can make it difficult to navigate and find what they are looking.   Many times what would normally take five to 10 minutes doubles.   The structure of the website design is consistent in respect to page surfing.   However, one sees no unexpected image or out of place design that throws off the other subpages.  
The website usability is good because the user interface is clear and straight to the point.   The website does not consist of flashy visual effects that distract or take away from the products themselves.   It indeed focuses on the company and needs of the consumer.   However, the website could do better in promoting the various types of brands they have by listing them out and adding links into which can inquire more about a particular wine or cheese.   The one picture on each of the pages does not give the viewer a variety of options to figure out what one may be interested in purchasing.   The website can be navigated by any age because of its simple and unblemished approach.  
The website gives off an elegance that delivers to the viewer a calm and relaxed feel.   The...