Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
Paul Poland
November 15, 2011
Bashar Elkhatib

Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
Installation Process and Training Summary
The key to a success for business is current, up-to-date technology, and providing a good, quality customer satisfaction. Kudler Fine Foods prides itself on doing just that by implementing a Frequent Shopper Program. In order for Kudler’s frequent shopper program to be a success and for them to bring in more cash revenue they must incorporate a newly redesigned program that would involve updating their technology in each of the locations.
Installation will be conducted throughout each of the Kudler Fine Foods locations. The installation will take approximately six months to a year to be up and running smoothly. The first installation will be conducted in the La Jolla store. The programmers as well as the testers will run the program and thoroughly test it for any types of bugs that may come about. This process should take no longer than 3 months to complete. Then once the first team is done they will then move on to the remaining stores to spin them up. The second team that will consist of the network specialist will install all the Dell OptiPlex 775 with the operating system consisting of Windows Vista. They will also ensure that all the printers and the checkmate application are compatible with the operating system. This process should take no longer three to complete and once they have finished they move on to the other store locations as well.
The training process will be conducted in the main branch of Kudler Fine Foods. The training session will take one month to conduct. This will be a thorough training process because they will have a tour of the whole infrastructure and they will receive PowerPoint presentations as well as practical application session. The training will be conducted through the week and the employees will get paid as if they...