Smith System Consulting: Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

Quality Assurance Process
Software quality is of the utmost importance to any project undertaken by SSC.   To this end SSC has developed a multi-phased audit process that ensures that the Frequent Shopper Program meets the defined requirements.   Planning what will be audited, how it will be audited and how those audits will be verified is an essential portion of a quality assurance process.   The initial phase of the QA process will be defining what audits need to be conducted and what requirements those audits must meet before being verified.   Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program must undergo a number of audits prior to delivery (Hyatt, Rosenberg, 1986).
Functional Audit
The first among audits being a functional audit, this ensures the requirements provided in the software specification are met by the software.   The functional audit will examine whether the new software meets the required needs specified in the SRS.   These will include whether the application meets the needs of Kudler Fine Foods, or does the software meets all the requirements and whether it meets those needs exactly or if there are unused features or features that were not provided for.   The functional audit will also include interoperability, or how the application interacts with other applications as well as with the home offices centralized system.   The new software’s system security will also be tested to ensure that the software has an adequate authorization process and that user types are effectively restricted and rights are properly assigned.   Finally the system will be audited as a whole to ensure every function is working properly and all characteristics of the system meet the defined requirements (Hyatt, Rosenberg, 1986).
Physical Audit
A physical audit will then be undertaken this will ensure that both the software and the documentation are consistent with one another.   Throughout the design and audit process functions, design features or security features may be redesigned,...