Kudler Fine Foods

Moving Kudler Fine Foods Toward an E-Commerce Solution
Learning Team A
Danial Hernandez
Web 237
January 14, 2011
Kristi Ruddle

Moving Kudler Fine Foods Toward an E-Commerce Solution
Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet company aiming at providing exquisite foods and ingredients to its customers.   To expand their business and give the best customer service Kudler Fine Foods has proposed expanding their current website to incorporate e-commerce. The current website design today, provides information only. The website, though esthetically pleasing, is lacking in several areas.   Team Alpha, a group of aspiring web designers have been hired to examine Kudler's website and submit an in-depth proposal on how improvements to the website can be made to boost revenues and make Kudler Fine Foods a house hold word around the globe.
Website Design
Kudler's current website has an esthetically pleasing layout with excellent use of background images and logos. The navigation bar is functional and easy to understand. The design of the site allows the background and logo to stay static while the content area of the page changes.   This is done with the use of JavaScript making the load time and bandwidth consumption optimal for this site. The site also has a rotating image showing aspects of what Kudler is about.   This website is top notch and would not need many changes to the current layout. The current website even incorporates a survey tab allowing customers to rate the store fronts customer service. However, to accommodate a shopping cart to move Kudler Fine Food to an e-commerce market, changes to the page layout and code is vital.
In addition each web page is tagged with key words. Using a table helps to keep the items organized, and well formatted.   Header tags will be used to title the page.   Last, frame tags will need to be used to ensure that the cookie-based shopping cart is executed correctly.
Proposed changes to the website include...