Kudler Fine Foods Regulatory Environment Paper

Regulatory Environment - ‘Kudler Fine Foods’
University of Phoenix

Decision to Shut Down
Kudler Fine Foods has established many entrepreneurial ventures, which have made the company very profitable. Kudler’s stores consist of a bakery, produce, meat and seafood, condiments and packaged goods, and cheese, and dairy (University of Phoenix, 2008, Kudler Fine Foods Intranet, para. 1). Kudler’s mission always has been customer satisfaction first, coupled with an exceptional experience while patronizing the establishment. Kudler has decided to merge with local organic growers and create a catering service to increase profits and provide customers with more of what they are asking for. The aftermath of Kudler’s decision to incorporate these new services will require Kudler to close temporarily the deli, bakery, and packaged food departments for three months for renovation. Unfortunately for some employees in these departments, layoffs during this time will be inevitable. If Kudler proceeds with the temporary layoffs, they will have to determine if they can lawfully close these areas of their establishment and what responsibility do they have to its workers. According to the doctrine of employment at will, Kudler Fine Foods is well within their rights legally to lay-off employees, even for a temporary period. The doctrine of employment at will states, “That either participant can end an employment obligation for an undetermined span of time. The discharge can take place at any given moment, regardless of good or bad reason, or no reason at all (Mallor, Barnes, Bowers, & Langvardt, 2003, p. 1191).” Under this doctrine, Kudler Fine Foods has to permit terminated workers to be paid for labor already completed. Kudler Fine Foods believes the temporary layoffs are for a good reason because renovation of its stores is sure to bring in more profits later. Before providing layoffs, Kudler Fine Foods must consider three things:
(a) Did all workers receive employee handbooks...