Kudler Fine Food Values Paper

Lenia Hall

University of Phoenix

MGMT 521

Personal Values Paper

May 3, 2011

Bill Wider
My Personal Values

“Values are strategic lessons which are learned through the course of life and tend to be maintained and remain stable over time” (2007).My personal values reflect on all the decisions I make day-to-day. The Junigan 16-Type Personality suggests that I am reflective in all of my decisions.   I take the time to reflect if the decision I am about to make will effect me in a negative aspect or a positive one. The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self assessment results stated my most ethical profile is Obligation and I am least aligned with Equity. After completing this assessment I realized that my personal values are identical with Kudler Fine Food’s values as well.
My personal values can be summarized into one quote, which is the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12).   This is very difficult to constantly want to exhibit because there are tons of decisions that managers have to make daily. A majority of the decisions managers make are never thought out but are more quick decisions that need to be carried out immediately.
Kudler Values
“A crucial aspect of managing is recognizing the role and importance of others.” (2007) Kudler Fine Foods values obligation just as I do. Kudler has a vision to provide their customers with the finest selection of foods. Their social responsibility statement also states that if their customers aren’t satisfied with their purchase it is free. My interpretation of the values of this company, are the company makes sure their customers are satisfied first and all profits will follow. The company was started by the vision of Kathy providing something...